“In My Eyes” is Finally Here!

Some say photography is a skill; others say it is a talent. I say it is a unique blend of both, without one taking the place of the other.
I would say Richard Sarati is a talented photographer based on his easy way with the camera. Then again, if I did, I will have downplayed his enthusiasm and commitment to know the ins and outs of photography.
We have worked on various video productions together, of course with him behind the camera, and the result has been magical.
This book showcases his expertise that he has mastered over time. His ability to capture ‘the moment’ will blow you away.
The picture quality proves that you do not need a professional camera to produce the perfect shot.

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Blogger’s Handbook is Here at Last!

Am finishing working on this piece of DIY manual. I hope The Legend Touch Handbook for Bloggers will make many to be professional bloggers.
The book is finally coming to the homestretch. Have a look at the sample chapters on the link below:

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Imposture Syndrome

The distance between my desk and the front of the class erased all the stories I had read from my memory. I stood in front pulling to tuck in my short fitting shirt, trying to adjust non-existing tie I ended up buttoning the collar button gazingdreamly at the truss. Remember Amuriodos of 1998 form 1 class truss graffiti stared back at the hopeless soul below about to be fried alive like mafendete.

I rubbed my eyes as if they are the doorway to my confused memory. My fellows were suppressing a laugh. Man I was in shit. Akoto beckoned.
“Aristotle it is your time. We are waiting.”

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