What Every Child Needs

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The Indomitable Mr. O-Now Available for Kindle!At age 60 Jesse Irvin Overholtzer staked all on the revolutionary premise that children could be won for Jesus Christ – something not widely accepted in his day. His diligent study of God’s Word convinced him – and at great personal cost he founded Child Evangelism Fellowship in 1937 and dedicated the rest of his life to reaching children with the Gospel. The Indomitable Mr. O is the story of his life and the lives of those who have inherited his vision.

The original book was written by Norman Rohrer and published in 1970. Six new chapters were added in 2012 to tell what God has done since 1970 and the book was released as a 75th anniversary edition in May.

The Indomitable Mr. O, is now available in a Kindle version through Amazon.com. The Kindle version includes the complete photo section and a searchable table of contents. A Kindle app is also available free for iPads, iPhones, computers, Blackberry and Android devices for those who may not have a Kindle e-reader. The Kindle edition is $4.99.


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