Courage is not fighting one who is stronger than you neither is it heroism maiming one who is weak and defenseless. War in ancient times was always the preserve of adults. Not all adults but men, not only all men but the strong, not all strong men but those who were ready for war. Most probably those who were at the age of marrying or those who had been married for a long time and had established their families. The newly married were not allowed to engage in war. No parent could allow his or her daughter to be widowed at an early age in marriage. The children at all cost were never involved in war. Even the lowest role of running war errands was a preserve for certain groups of soldiers. This means that children were never part of war.

Any opposing clan or tribe that attacked its neighbor’s children or women was considered coward and this showed their lack of wit. This was the lowest point in any rivalry. But this has changed in our recent times. Children are being involved in war alongside their adult counterparts in the society. Their participation is not their will but the will of their superiors. In most war torn countries there have been reports of children being used as soldiers. These children are taken using force from their parents or guardians. They are exposed to all inhuman practices that their seniors can think of. This includes even killing their own parents to show courage. They do this by shooting them or the most used practice where their bodies are dismembered to die in a lot of pain.

The level of civilization and respect for life of any society is measured by the way it treats and takes care of its old and youngest members. Any society that doesn’t care or defend these two groups is bound to fail in its future. First by not treating its old fairly it fails to learn from them. Therefore this society lacks experience and is bound to fight wars which had already been worn in what is called the reinvention of the wheel syndrome. Second they will repeat the same and even greater mistakes their elderly did when they were their age. This shows that the only change in this society would be time and individuals and not character even vision. Such a society is predestined to perish at any moment of a natural catastrophe.

Youngest members of any society learn through imitation most of the time. What the abled members does is a hundred percent to repeated by their children and even more. The most wo0rst part of this is when the children are left to the ‘agents of weather’ alone. These are societal practices that are natural or accepted but are not a preserve for all. One of these practices is war. The personal differences between neighbors are a conflict between adult persons not between their children. Children have increasingly been used as targets of humiliation to the adults. Just observe the number of kidnappings around the world or even better around the country. Most of those kidnapped are children.

In the recent incident of how brutal the society treats the children is the Sunday’s terrorist attack in a church in Nairobi. The attack was on children who were attending Sunday school. How do you define barbarianism or for this matter cowardice?  As I said bat the beginning, before engaging in any war you must define your enemy. The enemy should be of the same level as your physical or mental capacity. These children even their parents know that the church is the safest place to be, worshipping the Almighty God. When you throw a grenade into a church and in scenario into a group of children attending Sunday school leaves a lot of questions unanswered about human sanity.

I do pass my heartfelt condolence to the family, friends and the all children of the young honorable Kenyan that passed on to the next eternity praying for this nation. For all those who were injured either physically or emotionally have quick recovery. This nation is ours and more so it belongs to these young ones. When one flower is nipped in the bud, the tree produces even more and brighter flowers.



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