This is the exam time. The tension is high. The long lost friends re-unite. Students and books are together again. Their separation is now history and they have declared, I mean the student has declared that he is sorry for walking away. The student can be seen everywhere holding tightly under his arm the lovely lover. He takes her wherever he goes. They even struggle to get space at the Maggy Guest House. The guest house has never closed its doors since the separation. Maggy provides the best environment for the two lovers to share sweet somethings of knowledge and foolishness.

After the love affair the student assures his lover that he trusts her fully and will never betray her at any compromising opportunity. While they were together sweetheart books notices that student keeps on exchanging some micro-notes with the waitress. she inquires from one of the guards the name of the lover snatcher. Her name is Mwakenya alias Mwaks. She confronts student, “Darlin, you promised to love any cost, remember!” His face doesn’t show any emotions but a reassuring smile spreads all over, he replies, “My sweet companion I forgot to tell you this. One of the requirements for sitting exams is to have Mwaks!” He continues to explain the benefits of Mwaks. in summary, Mwaks is an emergency remedy especially if you have been separated from your lover, book, for along time. Second if you for the short period you have been with your lover you could not understand her fully. Third, if everyone is doing it as a form of insurance against possible defeat and lastly as a Kenyan she offers shortcut to fame without sweat.

Book can’t believe this. Student assures her that he can even carry her to the exam room. This will give her an opportunity to be confirmed from time to time.

Darlin Book now understands why she has been even in meetings with student where she was previously not allowed.

On the exam day you won’t miss to see Student with exam card, student ID card and of course Mwaks tucked somewhere. You see she is mpango wa kando so she should remain secrete to relationship busters like the lecturer/invigilator.

Oh man!! This is just an example of Exam Requirements Re-defined.

Success and stay away from mpango wa kando and don’t carry your lover book into the student only festival, exam room!!


Revealing The Best!

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