Ambitions Lives On {Ambitions Never Die}

‘Succeed in whatever you do

When you have succeed,

You will assist my children’

It seemed at the time

As a past time talk

Maybe it would be

Achieved when she will

Be too old to provide

For her family

I agreed to do my best

Revealed some of my plans

She encouraged me

She spoke of her children

Progress at home and school

Everything happened so fast

She tried her best

To remain strong

To remain normal

To build more visions

For the future she would

Never be there to enjoy

With her beloved children

But the body gave away

The spirit of achievement

Still remained strong

Even on deathbed

Till she could not hold

It anymore and pleaded

‘Please let me die’

Life on earth may

Have an end but

Values we hold in life

Never have an end

Her self-determination

And ambitions lives on.


Revealing The Best!

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