A 365 Daily Challenge : Day 139


Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart

Day 139
topic: Borderline
Topic given by Erika Iselin Johannesson

On the borderline of sanity
Hooked to the extreme
a torn down self-image
spitting in the face of instability
being left behind
by the shadows working in the scenery
fear derives from the shadow
to enter the mind of the deceived

the urges
on the border of murder
throwing it back on herself
in the last seconds she had
before she started to dream

self-harm, spite
despite being what she wanted
the shadow refuse to accept her
fails to be understood
fails to understand herself
thrown back and forward between immense joy
and refusals, she tries to recover
from the last relations that struck

her fight back towards her baseline
never ends
time eats her up
from the inside
as she tries to find
her borderline

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