THIS IS CIPA: CIPA Administration Director, Mr. Daniel Cheruyot left with the Team Leader Michael Bahati Addressing the Press.


WELCOME: St. John Ambulance’s Public Relation Officer, Mercy Wanza on the right looks on as new members register


St. John Ambulance Desk


CIPA Team Leader Michael Bahati Speaks to a participant


The MUESA Desk: The Chairman Mr. Katam on the right holding the paper.

Professionalism in many of the clubs operating in Moi University is wanting. According to The Consortium of International Professionals Association, CIPA, most of these clubs do not meet professio0nal standards. Speaking to the media on Tuesday the CIPA Team Leader, Mr. Michael Bahati said, “All clubs must be registered with CIPA for them to be professional and attract more members.”

Going by their Motto: Together we achieve more, CIPA ensures that all registered clubs run smoothly and in a professional manner. This is the main reason why the association is having the Clubs Awareness Week starting Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st July this year. The main aim of the Clubs awareness week is to create a platform where the clubs get publicity and hence register more members. This also gives the members a chance to participate in university activities arranged by CIPA.

According CIPA’s Administration Director, Mr. Daniel Cheruyiot, “CIPA has several roles, but six stand as the main ones”. The first one is creating a networking platform for club members within and without the university world. This includes linking with other clubs in the university for a common cause, sharing ideas and co-working. It also seeks to network with other professional bodies outside the university. CIPA, through the Careers’ office, in the Dean of Students Office plays a role in expanding the student career horizons. This is through career counseling and holding the annual Career Fair Expo.

CIPA provides a transformational leadership and self evaluation among students. The association holds Leadership Summit every academic year to advance this. Here students attend seminars on leadership training and motivational talks. Relationship seminars are also held by CIPA in conjunction with the Careers office.

Mr. Bahati outlined the requirements of a club to be a member of CIPA, “The club must be professional. It must be registered with the Dean of Students Office, Provide a Copy of their Constitution, outline of their activities, membership of more than twenty (20) students and have a credible and reliable leadership.”

The team leader also reiterated the importance of the county governments to come in and assist with the development of professionalism among the students from their localities. This will enhance professionalism and offer internship and employment opportunities to students. It will also help to develop students, database from every county.

On the first day of the Club Awareness Week, several clubs had their desks at Student Centre. They included: St. John Ambulance, Professional Accountants and Secretarial Association of Moi University (PASAMU), ENACTUS and Moi University Education Students Association (MUESA). According to CIPA officials the top clubs in Moi University according to their evaluation are St. John Ambulance and The Red Cross.

Other activities carried out by CIPA include Career Development, Entrepreneurship Seminars/Forums, Relationship seminars, Leadership summit/training and Graduating Students Workshop. During the Entrepreneurship Seminar, the members are given talks on how to be successful wealth creators. The relationship workshop deals with how students can cope with their social life i.e. family, friends and even love life issues. While the leadership Seminars are geared in educating and training club leaders and members on good leadership and the changing world of management. Lastly the Graduating students workshop is an induction expo where corporate world meets the yet to graduate professionals. Here the students meet officials from the corporate world. In the last Expo held last academic year several companies were represented including: Equity, Faulu Kenya, Safaricom, ACCA among others.

On Wednesday, the various clubs are showcasing their activities in a general exhibition and later there would be reward ceremony for outstanding clubs. The last day of the awareness week will be busier as there would be invited guests who will be speaking on cross cutting topics. The sessions would take place at the Students Centre’s Conference Room.

Report by Movine Nyanchoka and Richard Sarati Photos by Richard Sarati and Amos Ogweri


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