Moi University @ 30 By SARATI Richard

The Legacy - Moi University Students' Publication

With the vision 2030 in the horizon, Moi University Main Campus is surely a flagship institution. All the pillars holding this national vision are well represented in this campus. None has been left to the national government. Here the vision 2030 is rapidly being institutionalized. In fact the institution is celebrating 30 years of existence.

The social pillar hoists us far above the neighboring campuses, if any in the 50 kilometer radius. Our accommodation and other social amenities reflect that of the capital city, Nairobi. From the plush Houses to congested hostels like Soweto Apartments, we are an urban centre. The Barracks and Upper Hill are in a class of their own. Staying in some hostels like H, J an M you only need to buy maize meal. 90% of the residents are either hawkers, shopkeepers, grocers and even beauticians. That we drink the same water, breath same air and…

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