Why The Male Ghost Will Continue Haunting Us

For the past a couple of months I have been musing about this equality issue. To be specific the “a third gender rule” in our Kenyan constitution. My point of concern is whether we really need such a rule or it was just one of the many laws we usually approve without thinking beyond the paper they are written on.

Marching Together

MARCHING TOGETHER: The Scout and Girl Guide Movement has been in forefront in championing for empowerment of both male and female child. Photo/Richard Sarati

The delicate balance between the male and female in any transitional society like ours is one big time bomb that we have kept pushing under our pants. It has now come to its last seconds of going off.
Our society for a long time has favored and deliberately strengthened the girl child at the expense of the male child. The girl child empowerment movement has done its best hence the current turn events.
The woman has publicly “cut off” the manhood and we laughed that the man was drunk, impotent and irresponsible. He deserved the cut. He was defeated in class and we concluded: what a man can do, a woman can do better.

Most of the emerging issues that seem to alienate the male child have been applauded by many. This unfortunately include family headship, penetration into male oriented professions, husband battery, single motherhood and role of women in leadership especially politics. The current constitution has made the situation even ugly.
Take this for example; what the Nyeri women did to their men was never considered a violation of human rights and dignity. Fast forward to this weekend’s rogue doctor and you realize double standards in application of the same “shared values.” we the society have begat a male ghost that is out to revenge. The same issues came out with the mollis clip without forgetting the dress my choice mob.

The male child has been a silent victim of many social and public injustices. This is the reason why the male ghost is out to revenge on his behalf. He revenges through especially rape. Rape has been one of the very emotive type of war tool. No doubt we want to lynch the “rogue doctor.”


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