Is Africa Rising? (Part I)

Africa is on the rise, the continent is made to believe. But is this worthy to be taken as an indicator of growth? Is this a myth or a good old economics tale? Africa is on the move. But this train is taking the continent to doom. A look at Africa from any point reveals one thing, despair. Where does this despair come from? Politics, environment, war, natural disasters, poverty, corruption and institutionalized dictatorships are the face of Africa. To define that Africa is on the rise, you need to look at the above pimples on its face.

Peace in Africa Seems so elusive Photo/ Sarati Richard

Peace in Africa seems so elusive Photo/ Sarati Richard

The best climate in the world is found in Africa. This makes Africa to shine all year round. Unlike the temperate Europe, Northern America and the avalanches of the Himalayas, Africa climates’ extreme is the ‘perennial droughts and floods’.  The drought and floods are children play in the Himalayas. In Africa they are disasters that attract relief aid to Africa in avalanches. When relief comes, is Africa rising, or begging?

Constant War

War is Africa’s by line. Every region of Africa is undergoing some kind of war. West Africa is always healing from coup de tats wounds, Islamic insurgence and war over oil fields of the Niger delta. The Southern Africa is fighting back on its own citizens. Xenophobic South Africa makes the rest of Africa cringe in fright. Zimbabwe is in a silent war with its citizen on pretence of Pan Africanism. Swaziland is busy killing the masses over monarch’s insatiable appetite for a million plus harem. East Africa is living in fear of imminent strike from the Al-Shabaab. Somalia is no longer a country but a battle field. Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea the ruling class is on war with independent media. Central Africa is always on its deathbed. The rebels are running Central African Republic, Chad and the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Burundi is on a warm up to the second round of another long running war. Northern Africa is now rethinking the benefits brought by the Arab uprising.

Till Death Do Us Apart Presidency

African heads of state are among the longest serving in the world. Uncle Bob of Zimbabwe is still claiming to be a teenager in African politics. Him and presidency of Zimbabwe is ‘till death do us apart’. Nkurunzinza is a clear mirror image of the likes of Mugabe, Sudan’s El-Bashir and Gbagbo of Cote d’iVoire. Politics is what Africa feeds and drink. If the transition in Nigeria is an example for the rest of Africa to ape then Yoweri Museveni must be falling down in stitches. The United Nation and international community still supervise Africas elections. They fund the electoral process and even influence the electorate. Remember ‘Choices have Consequences’ threat by the western funders in Kenya’s last general election?

Peace in Africa Seems so elusive Photo/ Sarati Richard


2 responses to “Is Africa Rising? (Part I)

  1. This is an amazing piece,you have an incredible style of writing.However i often say that as an intellectual it is both your moral and intellectual obligation to present the whole story and not just part of it,most of the things you have written about those African states hold true to a certain degree,you will do justice by tossing the coin on the other side as well,so that readers are left to judge for themselves whether indeed Africa is rising..which i believe it is,but i still respect the lense you have chosen to look at Africa with.

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