Blogging 101: Writing Blog Posts

Are you a writer or are a blogger? These two terms are closely related but being a blogger is often misinterpreted. Especially when it comes to what bloggers really do. Being a blogging whistle blower is one of the in-thing today. The tweefs have now gained momentum like the counter El-Nino rains preparations. But who is a blogger? A blogger is someone who creates and/or curates content for the blogosphere. Do you want to be a professional blogger?

In blogging, creation blog posts just like in traditional writing is a must skill. Cracking up terrific blog posts never comes on a silver platter. You have to work on it. It takes time and practice. So here are 6 tips that will help you come up with absolutely super awesome blog posts all the time

Read, Read and Read…

Ideas don’t come from sitting in front of the desk and staring at an empty screen. Writing and reading cannot exist without each other. Stephen King says that, “If you want to write more: read more.” If you want to write more or better blog posts, you need to read more blogs. These are blogs from your area of interest. Find out why you like them and what makes them great.

Get into a Network

Blogging in itself is a conversation based social network. Some of the best blog posts are the ones that result from the flow of conversation. Read the blogs from your niche and then become part of the conversation. But don’t become part of the conversation by just commenting on viral blog posts. If someone whose blog you read has written a good post; write your own thoughts as a reply. When you later tweet your post you can mention the original author and ask him to take a look.

Take a Different Angle

Sometimes you may not have a lot to add to the conversation but you can still walk away with an original blog post that adds value to your blog post. Write a blog post that highlights the main opinions, quote the original articles and even link to them. If you want to take sides with this post, you can. But you don’t have to. The beauty of this is that whatever you do; you are still bringing new value to the conversation.

Ask Target Audience What They Want To Hear From You

You may not need to call text or email your friends and contacts to inquire what to write about. But if the above ways are too extreme for you, you can pick other ways to ask your audience for ideas to write about. Use social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Whatsapp and you will be surprised what may turn up there.

Comments May Lead To New Post Ideas

Stephen King has utilized this technique to write sequels to many of his books.  A short opinion by one of your readers can lead to long posts your audience will love. Because they will feel they contributed, and to add to that feeling, highlight that this post was inspired by the commenter.

Watch Social Media Conversations

Following conversations on social media can lead to some of the best posts. What people post on Twitter in 140 characters can be great wisdom which you can improve even into greater blog post. Or it can be a lot of garbage that gives you an opportunity to call them out in a post.


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