How Technology is Transforming in 2016

In 2016, there will be a paradigm shift in the way technology has been growing. The Internet of Things (IoT) is defining the way we are going to carry out our daily activities like driving and also a lot of commercial and industrial processes like managing oil pipelines.

The way we access our sources of information will also undergo a robust shift. The fiber cable is going to connect marginalized areas. Eventually, the digital divide is growing much narrower. The TV set will be a multi purpose appliance in any home. You watch TV channels, browse the net, set it up as a modem, play online games among other not yet freely available services the traditional TV used to offer. Interestingly, Samsung is rolling out TV set that many have termed as “The Black Box”. It listens and records the going ons in your home.

This year is going to host a mass of tech disruptions. The tech industry is moving at the speed of light to transform human life. This tech disruptions have been captured in The BI Intelligence Research Team’s 25 Big Tech Predictions For 2016. The report give a futuristic look at what we expect in this year and the next two years. The predictions are based on the already rolling inventions and innovations that are being rolled out everyday across the globe.

The tech shifts are expected to cut across all aspects of economy. From development of financial mobile phone apps to apps for various functionalities of the self driven vehicles. The world is shrinking to the size of your palm.

You can read more on this predictions by clicking on the link below:

25 Big Tech Predictions For 2016 By The BI Intelligence Research Team


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