When Tom, Dick and Harry Become Bloggers

Everyone you meet has something to tell you. And anyone with a smart phone can proudly call him/herself a blogger. This is a reality have to learn to live with. Take for example in the last one week. The death or is it murder or just assassination of one Jacob Juma. It depends on how and what you know about the deceased. Many have gone to the social media and calling themselves bloggers coming up with the reasons for the transition of Kabetes as Juma would refer to himself on twitter.

Social Media Investigators

I have been going through several blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts and one thing stands out, a good number of us want to be seen that we know much. Probably you have come across those screen shots that have been circulated around social media. Out of this, many Kenyan Investigative bloggers as they call themselves have been born. Two days ago a friend sent me a link of such blogs. Using it as an ideal first hand example, let me introduce you to the Kenyan Tom, Dick and Harry bloggers.


The late Jacob Juma. Many have come up with single-sourced theories to explain who killed him. Photo/Courtesy

Plagiarism Reloaded

The blog in focus has advanced a relatively different narrative of how JJ came to meet his death. It does so using some jargon filled scientific procedures sort of. It gives a conspiracy about one of the countrywide food processing company that is out to poison the consumers of its products. The claims are, JJ was privy to this information from an employee of the company. He was murdered on account of wanting to spill the beans. I ran a plagiary test on the article and realize it had been copy pasted from various sites online and therefore lacked originality. Most of the sites are abroad. What the author did was to substitute some name and Hurrah! The story was here.

One Post Bloggers

Ironically, the blog has only that post. It is the first post on the blog. I have been monitoring it in the last 48 or so hours but nothing new is coming up. Except for the shares on social media, the blog is inactive. The about page of the blog still has that welcoming instructional literature of WordPress.

In a bid to trace the author of the blog, it led me to a friend of my friend. This is how I may have stumbled on the link between the blog and this distant friend. He has been updating the contents of the blog post on his Facebook timeline long before he decided to open a blog and post it. His friends have been congratulating him for the “well done” piece.


This is one of the “experts” social media users can be. But most of the blogosphere users have been sucked into what is termed as politico-alarmist kind of content creation. You can not conjure up a conclusion from one of the aggrieved party. In this case if you have been familiar with the life of one JJ, you know too well the guy lived on the edge of life. Even before he began “Whistle blowing” he had so much fighting to do above his ordinary strength.

Juvenile Bloggers

As a reminder, JJ is a man who was much known in dealing in underworld escapades. This is well even documented by himself when reacting to his perceived detractors. He lived in fear of his life since he was in his mid 20s. Is a man who died in front of many guns aimed and shooting at him. So for any person to write about who killed him and only point a finger to the people he (JJ) accused in the twitter posts is being too shallow and juvenile. But that is what you expect when Tom, Dick and Harry begin blogging.


Revealing The Best!

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