Museveni is Very Right to Appoint His Wife as Minister

Kenyans are at it again hitting the Uganda president the wrong way. This time round is about his appointment of Mrs. Museveni as Education minister. Kenyans who are uncomfortable with this seem to have a very short warthog-like memory.

Before you insult. I know you are already collecting the profanity

Janet Museveni

Mrs. Janet Museveni has been appointed Minister for Education. Kenyans are uncomfortable with it. Photo/Wikipedia

to throw my way, just read on to the end and post whatever you have in the comment section. The comments will not be moderated.

First nepotism is what Kenyans ride on. It is what fuels us especially our politics. I will not take you so much down memory lane. I will point out just a few current cases of nepotism in our politics which in any case we have celebrated and endorsed fully as the way things should be done.

Who is Oburu Odinga? What post does he hold? How did he rise to that post? Now you are already mind shifting to see this as an attack on RAO. It is not. This are hard facts. Oburu is the elder brother to Raila. He is nominated senator of ODM. I do not know which special group he represent in the house. People of Siaya rejected him to lead them in any electable post but his daring brother owns a political party. The seat at senate was his for receiving brotherly!

Before you forget, in West Africa’s Nigeria, President Buhari appointed himself the Minister for Petroleum and Mining.

Next, is Ms. Odinga, the deputy governor Kisumu. As the campaigns for governorship in Kisumu heated up, Anyang’ was among the contestant including Ms.Odinga. But the landscape had changed and become unfavorable for seasoned politicians and their dynasties. Anyang’ dropped out to vie for senator with assurance of direct nomination.

The new entrant into politics Ranguma was sweeping the politicians and their dynasties into dust bin of political hangover. Sensing defeat by Ranguma, spanners were thrown into works and he was squeezed into accepting Ms. Odinga as the running mate or face the power of destruction from who owns the mindset of the city. Remember the city was behind him for governor. Assurance was that for him to remain or seen to be loyal to RAO he has to take up the little sister up or risk no support afterwards. Now you know who rules Kisumu.

The same has been the case for the Giddy Moi, the Nyagas and likes.

In the Nusu Mkate concoction, Oburu was assistant minister for finance. Lest we forget.

In all this we have been blind.

Going down to Zambia, the Former president Mrs. Joyce Banda had her husband as the chief justice. When she was floored in her bid for second term at presidency, Kenyans were all over blaming her husband for arranging some local mathematics to have back to office.

Before you forget, in West Africa’s Nigeria, President Buhari appointed himself the Minister for Petroleum and Mining.

I feel tired to list others. Add more in the comment section.

Have a nepotistic afternoon. (If such word exists).


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