“In My Eyes” is Finally Here!

Photographer's Journey captured In My Eyes
Photographer’s Journey captured In My Eyes

Foreword by Grace Makumi

Some say photography is a skill; others say it is a talent. I say it is a unique blend of both, without one taking the place of the other.

I would say Richard Sarati is a talented photographer based on his easy way with the camera. Then again, if I did, I will have downplayed his enthusiasm and commitment to know the ins and outs of photography.

We have worked on various video productions together, of course with him behind the camera, and the result has been magical.

This book showcases his expertise that he has mastered over time. His ability to capture ‘the moment’ will blow you away.

The picture quality proves that you do not need a professional camera to produce the perfect shot.

You were born for this, keep clicking away bro…

Download the Book here: In My Eyes – Book 1