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Legend Touch Network is a space for Savvy Bloggers, Photographers, Writers, Vloggers, Social Media Influencers and Leisure Travelers to come together to learn actionable skills, make new friends and enjoy all that is positive about the Photography, Blogging and Travelling Community.

Here you will find all the articles, best tips, tools, resources, and support to help you on your blogging journey. The travel photography on the site is also unrivalled. We are passionate about sharing the knowledge and believe that helping each other will help the Blogging and Leisure Travel industry as a whole.

Whether you’re a hobby blogger/traveler or turning pro, everyone is welcome here. Legend Touch Network prides itself for having an approachable vibe. Our vision is for Photographers, Bloggers and Leisure Travelers to come together and forge inspiring alliances. This is about being the best online version of yourself!

Be among the LEGENDS!!!

Richard Sarati


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